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Join the fight for an electoral system where everyone's vote matters, regardless of where they live.

Politics in America is broken.
We’re working to fix it.

Fix Our House is a new education and advocacy campaign promoting proportional representation as an urgently-needed reform to pull politics out of its doom loop of polarization and dysfunction, sideline the anti-democratic forces threatening our democracy, and offer America’s diverse electorate full and fair representation in the House of Representatives. We are building a broad coalition of advocates prepared to spread the word about proportional representation and build the support it needs to become a reality.

An Open Letter to Congress

More than 200 political scientists, legal scholars, and historians from academic institutions across the United States released the following letter calling on Congress to adopt proportional representation for the U.S. House of Representatives.

The letter’s 200+ signatories include experts in fields ranging from comparative electoral politics to constitutional law. They include nine Johan Skytte Prize winners, often considered the ‘Nobel Prize of political science,’ and scores of other leading voices on the perilous state of American democracy.

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