About Fix Our House

Fix Our House is a new education and advocacy campaign promoting proportional representation.

Fix Our House is a new education and advocacy campaign promoting proportional representation as an urgently-needed reform to pull politics out of its doom loop of polarization and dysfunction, sideline the anti-democratic forces threatening our democracy, and offer America’s diverse electorate full and fair representation in the House of Representatives. We are building a broad coalition of advocates prepared to spread the word about proportional representation and build the support it needs to become a reality.

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Our theory of change

Recent events have made it clearer than ever that our democracy is in grave danger and our existing political system isn’t equipped to handle the escalating crises. Proportional representation is a reform with growing support among political scientists and democracy advocates — and Fix Our House aims to build the awareness and support in Washington, DC and across the country necessary for proportional representation to become a reality.

Fix Our House has a singular focus: making the case for proportional representation in the United States House of Representatives. We are building the broadest coalition of people who understand the danger our democracy faces from anti-democratic forces and defenders of the broken status quo — and who support proportional representation as a critically-needed step towards making our democracy more functional and responsive.

We prioritize education and advocacy.

Our goal is to do for proportional representation what has been done for issues like campaign finance reform, the filibuster, marijuana legalization, LGBT rights, and more: educate key audiences about both the problem and the solution, cultivate influential supporters and champions, position the reform to be mainstream and commonsense, and bring key lawmakers on board. Then when the next real opportunity for democracy reform emerges, proportional representation will be a shovel-ready solution with strong backing among advocacy groups, political influencers, and policymakers, ready to move through the legislative process.

Our primary objective is to build support for proportional representation among politically-engaged audiences: issue advocates and activists, national political influencers, political media, and ultimately, federal lawmakers. In addition, we are building a grassroots coalition of advocates with the training and resources to spread the word and pressure lawmakers to embrace reform.

We focus on impact and benefits, not process.

Fix Our House operates with the assumption that the vast majority of voters don’t spend their time thinking about the process of elections and voting and that policymakers and elected officials understand this and act accordingly. So we focus on the benefits of enacting multi-member proportional representation in America: how it will help people and communities, advance the issues voters care about most, solve some of the biggest problems we face as a nation, move us toward a government that more effectively represents its citizens, and improve the system for elected officials and policymakers.

We approach reform with the urgency it deserves.

We know that large-scale changes like proportional representation don’t happen overnight. But we also know that our country is facing a massive crisis. Our political system is tearing us apart, and those who seek to weaken our democracy use this division to consolidate their power. So while we must be realistic and clear-eyed, we also must be honest. The nation is on a dangerous path, and there is an urgent need to fight for fundamental reform that offers hope of a stronger, fairer, more representative, and more responsive democracy.

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